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    Wade W. 

    Wow,great photos. Hardly recognized the stranger in the 1972 photo-maybe because it was pre-matrimonial.

  2. 2
    Haynes Whitney 

    I want to thank you and Gayden for Guns and Gardens.It has something for me and Gladys.
    You should come up to our Duck club sometime.We
    stocked northern and Forida bass last year,and Thomas has cought several 5lb+.


  3. 3
    Alan Stewart 


    Nice fish … keep up the good catching.

  4. 4
    Darrell Forman 

    Mr. Metcalfe,

    Thank you for your posts. I live here in Greenville and fish as much as possible. I enjoy your posts and photos. My 10 y/o son, who is really eaten-up with bass fishing enjoys reading them as well. Keep up the good work. Really enjoy the web site.


  5. 5

    Thanks Darrell for the comment. I hope something on The Bitespot will help him with his fishing. The river lakes around Greenville should get good soon when the river starts to fall.

  6. 6
    Darrell Forman 

    Mr. Metcalfe,

    I’ve been reading with great interest about your success on Wolf Lake. My son and I are fishing a tournament there this weekend (11 July). I have not fished that lake before and wondering if you have any suggestions for us. I hate fishing “blind”, and intended to go this past weekend, but Jim Dawkins and I fished up the Arkansas river and a little in Whittington. One of us left with a little bit of fish smell on our hands, the other smelled of skunk. I’ll let him tell you which of us had what…haha. (although nothing worthy of bragging) “May the holes in your net be smaller than the fish that fill it”.


  7. 7
    Pemble Davis 

    Very nice bass. Very nice redfish. Very nice alligator gar. Good turkeys. But who is the woman with the tuna? Surely, it is not Gayden. I can’t believe you put her in a boat in the middle of the ocean! If I ever get to retire, I will join you fishing and turkey hunting!


  8. 8

    Daughter Gayden is the one fighting the tuna. Her mama was sitting on the top deck giving instructions. Can you imagine that? Even if you don’t retire we can still go together. Do you remember the “Pemble Davis Autograph” baits. The ones you could throw through a willow tree and never get hung up?

  9. 9
    Darrell Forman 

    Well, our MS. Team Trails tournament on Wolf Lake Saturday was a success. Thank you for the tips. We fished most of the spots and found the fish concentrated on a couple of them. In addition to the 40+ boats in our tournament, there were two other clubs fishing there that day. Your spots weren’t hard to find. I really didn’t need my GPS…Just run down the lake and whereever you see two or three boats, there was the spot.

    We ended the day catching about 40 bass and one crappie. The bass were all caught on a 7.5″ speed worm in watermelon / red flake. Most were dinks, but we caught a lot in the 1.5-2.0 range. Our FOB was about 4 lbs. The crappie was caught on a Strike King Series 5 crankbait in Sexy Shad Color. We lost 2 on the jump, which would have likely put us in the money. At least we got to see them.

    My son Brett (10 years old) caught the first and last fish Saturday. I had printed copies of the spots from Google Earth and after we tried a couple that morning, I asked him…”where do we go now?”. He said Spot 6. (The spot with the ditch and the 5-6 trees about 20 yards off the bank where you can fish between the trees and the bank on the north side of the lake).

    We were half-way to the lake Saturday morning when I realized we forgot the camera. But, I can assure you, my son had an absolute BLAST! It was well worth the money and broken trolling motor (another story). So we ended the day hot, sunburned, and sore thumbs from lipping all of this bass. (I didn’t use my fish grabber / scale nearly enough).

    I do want to thank you again for going above and beyond in responding to me and providing such valuable information. I still can’t get over how you went out of your way to help us. Thank you again! I look forward to hearing from you soon. You know where I work and have my mobile number. Call me anytime. Maybe we can plan a little fishing soon. (give me a little time to see if I can fix my trolling motor better than piecing it together in the middle of the lake).

    Darrell Forman

  10. 10
    Darrell Forman 

    Below is a link to another river stage website of NOAA. You can see the data on the page, or click on the Mississippi River Hydrographs and see charts of the river stages and their forecasts. They update these several times a day. Not much different than others, but it does give you an up-to-the-minute look at where the river is.


    Thought you might find it of interest


  11. thinking about fishing wolf lake this weekend 5/22.
    any intel on water conditions would be appreciated.

  12. thanks harley for the info on wolf lake.

  13. 13
    Randy Vires 

    Hi Harley, love your website although I don’t get to fish most of the lakes you do. I did get down to Ferguson a few years ago and your reports helped me to catch lots of bass with a few in the 5-6 lb range. I’m planning on fishing Enid this weekend if you have any tips I’d appreciate it. If you ever get up to Sardis or Pickwick I’d be happy to share a boat with you anytime or put you on some fish either way. Tight lines

  14. Harley,
    Paul D. told me about your site and it’s cool as 1 of my grandsons says.
    Check mine out if you want.

  15. 15
    Darrell Forman 

    Hey Mr. Harley!

    I see you found my DT-6 I lost a couple of weeks ago on the sandbar on Ferguson! haha. I hope it brings you better luck than it did me! One 11 bass and then I lost it.

    Also, if you’re going up the sand ditch on the upper lake, I lost a BPS Pro Qualifier rod and reel as I was intent on my casting and let the bushes take one of my rods over-board. I plan to go back when the river falls a few more feet to see if I can find it. I did think to mark the spot on my GPS! haha.

    As always, I enjoy your posts!


  16. 16
    Robert Holland 

    Harley – i haven’t been in a boat with you in a LONG time…take me fishing…and i always liked my nip-a-didee to hit the water at breaking day…

    Robert Holland

  17. Hi, Mr. Metcalfe,

    I’m working on an article for The Delta Business Journal on squirrel hunting with dogs. Would you send me some high res photos of your hunt with Bill Dossett and John Laney.

    I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you.

    Mark H. Stowers

  18. 18
    Ed King 

    Harley, you ask what Sue put in her cerviche. Here it is as follows: serranos, garlic, green onion, roma tomatoes, bellpepper, lime juice, cilantro, olive oil, and salt. She may add a little orange juice to cut the acidity if needed.

    We’re making some tonight using sea bass.

  19. 19

    Thanks. Sounds good. I’m sorry I didn’t keep any fish today to make some with.

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