First Fish of the Year

Saturday, February 02nd, 2019 | Author:

I went to Lake Chicot this morning and started fishing about 9:30. I wanted it to start warming up before I started fishing in hopes the warming would start the fish biting. No bites for the first couple of hours even though the pad stems and cypress trees where I started looked like a great spot and I have caught fish this time of year there before. To start, it was a little cloudy which impeded the warming of the water by the sun. It was looking like it might be zero number two. About 11:15 however one “glommed” up on it right at the boat. Was glad to welcome her aboard. 3 3/4 . Tried to take a picture but did not want to keep her out of the water too long. It was fat with eggs. The guys on the fishing TV shows love to hold them and look at them as if they never have seen a fish before. They need to hold their breath when the fish is out of the water and then they would know how it feels. That really burns me up.  It was another hour before I got the next bite. This fish made my line sing in the water. That always brings on a little adrenaline. 3 3/4 made in the same mold as the first . I took a quick photo of that one.

As I went down the bank the water temperature was rising, 48 at the start and reached 57 before the day was over. The next fish swirled on top as the Booyah came over a stick. 3 even. It was obvious, things were picking up. Finally I caught two in the same spot and they were 2 3/4 each. After I had caught 7, I saw one hit on top and threw the Booyah to the spot. I was on a hair trigger and as soon at it hit, I set the hook and of course I missed it. My time was up so I had to leave but the fish were still biting. I really would have liked to go where I started after the fish had commenced to bite but time would not allow. The best 5 weighed 17 1/2 pounds. Not too shabby.

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