Lake Chicot

Tuesday, February 05th, 2019 | Author:

Jackson and I met at the State Park on the North end of Chicot at 9:30 and were fishing at 10. It was so foggy I had to navigate by the GPS on the depthfinder. A short while after we started it started to rain pretty hard so we retreated to the shelter of a friendly boathouse for about 45 minutes. I believe Jackson had caught a four pounder  before the rain started. When the rain subsided we went right back fishing and had caught a total of four by 3:00. I thought both of the fish I caught were a stick at first but turned out  to be fish. The fish just were not “on it” today . The water was getting muddy because of the runoff from the rain. We called it a day at 3:00. Water temp 54 to 56 degrees.

Hal called to say he and Richard fished Beaverdam today for the first time this year and caught 24. After Richard went home at 2:00, Hal went to the Flower Lake borrow pits and caught 2 more, one over 5  and 1/4 or 3/4, I can’t remember which. They caught all the fish in one area that had some relatively clear water. They caught a few there and left to try some other places with no luck. Then they returned and caught some more.

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