Searching for KA-WOOSH

Thursday, May 16th, 2019 | Author:

Jackson and I made a trip back to Lake Columbia with topwater fishing in mind . The lake is full of lily pads and we figured the bass were over their spawning effort and would be ready to eat some frogs. We went over the afternoon before so we could get an early start. It was so dark when we started that I had to turn off the depthfinder running down the lake because the brightness from it was destroying my night vision. What we really wanted to hear was the Ka-Woosh of bass striking in the pads and especially wanted to hear it if it pertained to our bait. We fished with Ribbits, hollow body frogs , swimbaits, buzz baits but not too much was going on on top. I took my binoculars to do “research” while out in the lake. Most of the people that looked like locals were fishing out in the lake away from the bank. That meant to me that the fish had retired to the deep. A few small bass came from the pads but not many and FOD was n/a. In desperation we even trolled for a bit watching the depthfinder, and sure enough in the middle of the lake, there was a hump. We didn’t fish it because there was a boat already on the spot. He did catch a small fish , the only one we saw caught all day, and believe me, I was looking. He left shortly thereafter. Over dinner we plotted and planned to adjust our course and drive to Lake Monticello the next morning. It is sort of on the way home and we know some spots to fish there. The lake had been drawn down for dam repair which killed all the lily pads. It also allowed a thick cover of weeds to grow up around the banks. A big difference from what we were used to there but a pretty place to fish. The water was up about 2 feet higher than normal which made fishing a little easier in that the boat floated over a lot of the stumps that you would normally get stuck on. The fish were again small and not very plentiful although the water was clear and the wind was very reasonable, which is not usually the case on Monticello. Around 2:00 we called it off, again FOD n/a. We never found Ka-Woosh, but it’s May so we’re going to keep looking.

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