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Idle speed only to keep from damaging peoples docks and not put waves into some houses. Wardens there to check on the speed and to write tickets. Jackson and I started at a little after 7. I was a little nervous because, on the way over, a herd of cows at Eudora was lying down. Cows not eating = fish not eating. We started with topwaters and I also had a DT-6 on but none of that was working at the first spot. At the second spot the DT-6 connected and chased off the skunk. As we worked down the lake, we came upon one of Jackson’s favorite spots where we caught 3. Things seemed to be improving but nothing was caught at the “best spot on the lake”. At the place where I caught 72 2 years ago we drew a blank too. Since it was idle speed only, we decided to troll to the next spot. To my surprise, one bit out in the middle and came to the boat. It was only a little bigger than the Red Eye Shad that it was caught it on. After a dry spell we revisited the 72 spot where we caught one that was equal in size to the trolling bass. Retracing our steps we went to the “best spot in the lake” again. By now, I had put down the DT-6 and picked up a DT-10 because the fish that I was seeing on the depthfinder were a little deeper than the 6 feet that I was seeing them at most of the morning. We had caught one out from under the flooded cypress limbs when a pretty good group of fish appeared on the depthfinder. I was not sure if the fish I saw were indeed bass. When One bit and came to the boat I was sure. After a while the FOD, 4-10, came to the boat. It had inhaled the DT-10. We thought “Oh Boy, we’re getting ready to tear them up now”, but what happened was what usually happens, you don’t tear them up. We caught 11 fish total and had a great time.

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