Outfished By an Otter

Tuesday, June 18th, 2019 | Author:

I started in Lake Chicot this morning about 6:15 and, with a Booyah caught 5 fish in the first hour. In the last few days I have watched Major League Fishing on TV and have noted the accuracy of the participants. Today I intended to work on that aspect of my fishing and I generally did pretty well, especially later in the day as fatigue was trying to set in. After the first hour the bite slowed down . At first the fish bit to eat the bait and later they hit it not to eat it. At this point I pulled out a worm and on some sunken pallets that I knew the location of had a strong feeling fish hang me up in the pallets and break off. As I was going down a thick bank, a growl of sorts came out of the darkness. Something could be seen moving around in the cypress knees. I finally made it out as an otter and it had a fish, probably 15 inched long in its mouth. It was going back in the thickness to keep me from taking his prize. Caught a couple more on the worm. Rain was in the area and it was time to quit so I did with a total of 7. When I was taking out the Arkansas Game and fish was in the process of releasing 150,000 Florida Bass fingerlings, 1 1/2 inches long, in the lake. Good for them. Thanks.

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