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Jackson and I started before good light on Lake Enterprise this morning. I had to turn off the depthfinder because the light from the screen destroyed my night vision. You have to use idle speed because of the high water, so by the time we arrived at the first spot it was light enough to fish. Jackson started with a topwater and I used a DT-6. He caught one pretty quickly around a cypress tree that had some limbs in the water. The DT-6 caught one shortly thereafter but none were very large. We came upon some schooling in the open lake and managed to catch a few on various baits. I even caught one on a jerk bait, something that I rarely, make that never use. The water was clear with 2 1/2 foot visibility. I sit in the back of the boat where the depthfinder is and I keep an eye on the screen. Two times I saw fish and threw behind the boat and came up with a fish. Two pounds+ was the largest one caught on a DT-6 . Others were caught on a DT-10 and various topwaters. Eleven fish in all.

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