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Sunday, July 14th, 2019 | Author:

I had never heard of drag grease until recently when I read an article on how to make your drag smooth and not jerk. I have a reel that the drag actually locked up on. I took steel wool and smoothed the place the drag washer rubs on but the drag was still jerking. There were two of my other reels that were jerking but not to the same degree. I thought that grease on your drag would be just the opposite of what you would need. I thought new drag washers would be the answer to the problem but ordered some drag grease just in case. Before the washers and grease came more articles had convinced me that the grease was what I needed. I was glad I ordered the grease because drag grease is hard to find. This afternoon was the perfect time to fix the reels because it was a steady rain and the house was vacant and quiet. I started on the worst one. When it was finished, the drag was smooth as could be. New drag washers and a little grease solved the problems. I also took some steel wool and tried to get it all slicked up. Not only did I fix the drags but I put oil on everything that would hold still. All are ready to go.

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