Lake Ferguson 23.7

Thursday, August 20th, 2020 | Author:

I just had to go back since we had a good day yesterday and the BFL tournament is going to get the lake stirred up. It’s already stirring it up with lots of boat traffic. I was the first boat to leave the waterfront this morning and made my first cast at 6:15 with a crippled killer. The lake was quiet and slick, perfect for some topwater fishing. Not for long. The blasters shattered the peaceful morning and the slick water too. I put down the topwater after about 10 casts and picked up the rod with the Yozuri on it. Caught one on the first cast and caught a hard hitting 3 3/4 a few casts later. Heading for the spot we caught them yesterday, I was casting the Yozuri and catching one now and then. When I got to the spot it was going on, one every cast. A 5-3 showed up and also a 4 along with some 4 or 5 on the day in the eyeballed 3 pound range. Later in the day just to check myself I weighed one of the eyeballed 3 pounders and it weighed 3-2. At 7:15 I had caught 16 fish. By 8:15 it was 24 and by 9:15 it was 29. The bite had almost quit in the good spot but I figured there were still fish around maybe farther back or maybe out, so I started prospecting. The BFL people were plentiful and some were just idling pretending to be looking at their depth finders but their head was looking and watching. When they came by I would just throw out into the lake so I would not catch anything. Backtracking I started fishing deeper with a DT-6 and caught one here one there. After reaching the end of the bank and trying to decide what to do there was one last log sticking out. The wind was blowing slightly from the West and apparently the bass were letting the log hem up the shad and they were out in front of it scooping them up. The DT-6 did a good job on them except for one about 4 pounds that jumped and threw the hook clean. About 10:00 I caught a small fish, probably 1 1/2 pounds and was using the small gripper to hold it while I removed the hooks with my pliers. I have great respect for those sharp hooks. The hooks came out and at the same time the fish shook, the gripper slipped from my wet hands and the fish hit the front deck and flopped into the water gripper still attached. To make matters worse, about an hour later I happened to see the fish jump back in the trees and could see the orange gripper. I felt as if I could have caught a few more but my time was up and I had had a great day. Ended up with 41 bass. My biggest 3 probably would not have won the tournament but I would have given them hell on Major League Fishing.

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