Lake Ferguson 19.7 Feet

Saturday, August 29th, 2020 | Author:

I usually do not fish on public lakes on the weekend and this morning was a good reason why. When I arrived to meet Mickey at 6:30 the ramp was covered with hydroblaster trailers, probably 40. My heart sank at the prospect of the crowd. We launched and headed for the 70 bank, although Mickey and Frank caught none there last Sunday after I had a 41 day there Friday. Mickey said all the waves had washed over a shallow spot and muddied the water. It is a spot that is unimpressive looking but usually has some fish there. No blasters were there and the fish started biting right away. We fished down and back catching fish all along with some places better than others. The DT-6 was our bait of choice although a DT-10 and a Yozuri caught one or two. We would sit in one spot until it ran out and move until we started catching again. Another boat, not in a tournament, was fishing toward us and it just happened we were on the other end of the bank and they came upon one of our good spots . After they caught a few it was no way they were going to leave. So in essence we were sharing our spot with the other boat. The big problem for me was they were keeping the fish. They didn’t look hungry. They looked well fed so why were they keeping every fish. The limit is 10 and I’m sure they were over it . 10 apiece would have been enough for anybody to eat but they kept throwing them in the box. We released every fish we caught in good shape to survive. It makes me feel good to do that even while others are being greedy. Things slowed and we left to try a few more spots. Having no luck we came back for one last try and wouldn’t you know it the interlopers were in our spot. Grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. We went to the other end and caught a fish immediately which did me a lot of good. The whole time I was fishing there today I was looking for the grabber that the fish took away from me last Friday. The spot where it jumped with it in its mouth was high and dry today. Mickey was nice enough to replace it for me. We talked about how good those grabbers were when you were fishing with a bait with two treble hooks. Many times there is no way to get your hand safely anywhere close to a fish’s mouth to hold it while you dislodge the hooks. The FOD was 5 – 0 and we had 8 more between 3 1/2 an 3 pounds. 48 bass in all. Great day on Lake Ferguson even with all the blasters. The lake is in great shape but I wonder how long it will stay that way before it gets tournamented to death and ruined.

FOD 5 – 0
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