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Tuesday, September 01st, 2020 | Author:

Lake Ferguson was at 20.0 feet this morning when the first cast was made at 7:00. This was the first trip with a new trolling motor, a Minn Kota Terrova and I was eager to see if I liked it. I did the installation and went to the lake late Sunday afternoon taking no fishing rods, to calibrate the heading sensor and to set the heading offset. It worked fine but it was different than in a fishing situation. The starting place was the West end of the 70 bank and since it was early a Yozuri was the first bait because it can operate in the shallow water. From West end to East end only one fish bit and I was beginning to be concerned. At the 70 spot itself was where it started to happen on every cast. That was where there was still some water over the land and a relatively brisk South wind was causing some wash over which probably attracted some shad and that attracted the bass. The wind was right in my face. When I hung the first fish I hit the spot lock on the trolling motor. Rather than the wind blowing me to the middle of the lake while I dealt with the fish, the trolling motor and the GPS were communicating and keeping the boat in just the right place. I sat there and “every casted ” them for quite some time. The bite slowed to a stop and I moved out a little deeper to see if they had retreated to the deep but a DT-6 could not raise one. I tried a worm but only a timid pick up and that was only if you shook it but there was also a put down after the pick up. Figuring the fish had to be somewhere close I headed back to the starting point. There was a log there not deep enough for the fish to be around but it must have herded the shad and the bass were out from it a little dining on the shad. It was one on every cast again and spot lock again. That spot lock is the bomb. I was using my new grabber most of the time especially when the fish was in the boat to hold it while I extracted the hooks. One fish while I was holding the line did that just right shake, the line broke, it fell on the front deck, and flopped into the water toting my DT-6. After that I started holding them over the open part of the back of the boat. Just like the other spot they quit just like someone turned off the switch. Probably the school just moved and I couldn’t figure out where. There was one more spot I wanted to try on the East side of the chute and I caught one there. I was almost relieved that there was not a school there because I was tired. That last fish made 61, all released in good shape. The FOD was 4-8 and there was also a 4-2, 3-13, 3-13, 3-8 , two 3’s and lots of 2-13’s. Outstanding day !

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