Lake Ferguson 23.5 Feet

Tuesday, September 08th, 2020 | Author:

Have not been fishing in a little over a week mostly because the river was rising and my luck is not as good on a rise. The first cast was around 7:00 with a Yozuri and shortly thereafter I used a DT-6 both with no takers. The place was where I ended up on the last trip with them biting almost every cast. Moving along the bank, I went back to the Yozuri and shortly I got a bite. The fish was not acting like a bass, and surely it was not, a Goo, but it had a bass with it trying to take the bait away. Goo or not it was a great sign. Soon it was a bass with the bait in its mouth and three others trying to take it away. By 8:00 I had 10 bass and the spot sort of ran out so I moved up the bank casting planning on coming back later. Another of those good spots showed up but the fish were scattered, not all balled up in one little place. About the time that place started to slow, the fish started striking shad in the first place again. I went back and caught a few more along with two on the way back. The fish now were all over the place, one here one there. To start the day the fish had the whole lure in their mouth when they came to the boat. It was hard to get the hooks out without hurting the fish. Later on they were just hooked on the back hook and every now and then there was just a bite. Things were slowing down. The warning light on my truck for a low tire was on this morning when I left. I hooked up the portable pump until it went out so I knew I had a trip to the tire store coming. When the fish slowed down I left at 11:00. Caught 22 with a FOD of 3-10 and another 3-6.

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