Ferguson on Fire

Wednesday, September 16th, 2020 | Author:

I started a little late this morning, probably first cast was at 7:30. Not surprisingly the spot where I caught the fish yesterday had nothing going on. The place had been hammered and the water was falling at a pretty good clip, a recipe for moving fish. I went down the length of the bank and did not get a bite so I extended my search and pretty soon I began to find a few. The DT-6 replaced the Yozuri and that seemed to help. For some reason I don’t have as much confidence in the gold colored Yozuri that replaced the silver one that was lost yesterday. Got a bait back today when I snagged some fishing line that had a good redeye shad on the end. Hooks were still sharp. Retracing back down the bank I started catching a few on either the Yozuri or the DT-6 but it still was not really going on. I noticed a couple of small fish with a big gash down the side. It appears like a big gar got hold of them. Ouch !

It became obvious that another spot was in order. I set out searching for a place close by that I had caught some at about this same level. It was a small sand ridge in very shallow water. It was not to be found. It actually may have washed down when the wind blew and the water was at just the right level. On with the search. At another place nearby where I have caught some but the water was at a lower stage but it was worth a try. The Yozuri got the call and it came up with one shallow tight eye. Most of the fish have been relatively shallow lately but I threw out into the deep water with the DT-6 and came up with a nice 3 pound bass. A few more throws and more fish. Then they stopped biting but I was throwing into 12 feet with a 6 foot bait. After drawing a bead on where I thought the fish were I moved the boat to where it would be in the same depth water as the fish and put on a DT-10. That did the trick. There was a stump that lined up with a tree and you go out into the lake until it gets 10 feet and then cast parallel to the depth change. The fish were better than I had been catching, between 2 and 3 pounds. When that place quit, I went searching again nearby in another place that was good at lower water but only 2 or 3 tight eyes there. It was 1:00 and time to head home. I had caught 41 with a FOD of 3 3/4 and 4 others over 3. In the last 7 trips to Ferguson I have caught 268 fish, hence the title of this post.

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