Ferguson Cooled Off

Friday, September 18th, 2020 | Author:

This morning the start of fishing was late again and again there was a Northeast wind, a little cooler than it has been. I had decided today was going to be for looking. The first hour or so was taken up with running the side finder. In particular interest was a log last seen when the water was low in the shallow end of the lake a few years ago and an old sunken barge in deep water. The barge was found but the log was not. I’m pretty sure I ran all over where the log was and it was big enough that it wouldn’t be missed. The number of fish of all kinds in Lake Ferguson is amazing. You can tell the large gar and see the schools of shad that are monstrous. The bass and etc are a different matter as far as determining the variety of fish. There were some that I could determine were bass when they were off by themselves and not in a mass of other fish. Looking was an educational endeavor. My stopping time was 11:00 for I had to be home for a Zoom call with my children. I intended to concentrate on fishing new places and I pretty much did but with no luck. The first old place I fished was the new place I fished on the last trip with good luck. No luck today there however. The baits fished were DT-6 and 10, Yozuri and a worm. Four small bass in three different spots were the only bass caught. A smallish silver carp was snagged in the tail by a DT-6 and the bait was saved. A buffalo was hung in the mouth with a DT-10. It was probably 10 pounds but the problem was how to get it in the boat. The small mouth made the grabber impractical and the net was under the deck. I finally got out the long pole with the hook on the end and used it like a gaff . On the second try it worked and the DT-10 was saved, the buffalo was not however. A few licks with the cut off hoe handle had him floating. When it bit I thought I had a really nice bass and I took out my disappointment on that fish. I’ve always heard bad fishing luck comes with a North wind but Tuesday and Wednesday it was from the same direction and they were great fishing days. Today’s breeze did have a chill to it however. Who knows?

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