Wind On Lake Ferguson

Sunday, September 20th, 2020 | Author:

Mickey and I met at the waterfront at 1:00 today to a 15 to 20 Mile per hour wind from the East Northeast. The lake was at 20.3 up .4 feet and forecast to rise a little more. We proceeded to the 70 bank where we started catching a few fish right off the bat. Not on the first cast however. The first ones were hooked pretty well but the later ones started jumping and throwing the hook or just being hung on the back hook indicating to me that the bite was slowing down. We would have liked to switch from the DT-6’s to worms but it would have been impossible to fish a worm with a 15 Mile per hour crosswind. The new Minn Kota with the spot lock had its test today in that wind and it passed with flying colors. We caught 11 I think before we ran out of bites in the first place. Trying to get out of the wind some, we left there for calmer waters. There were several places we tried where we have had luck in the past but only tight eyes bit. I have warned about the split rings on a DT-6 coming loose and for good reason. I had another one separate today. You had best change them. We ended up with 20 fish and a 3 pound non weighed FOD

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