Lake Ferguson 21.8

Friday, September 25th, 2020 | Author:

Got off to a late start this morning and the first cast was made around 7:45. The water has come up some since the last trip. The starting place was the same however. The results were not the same. Nothing was doing on the DT-6 or on the Redeye Shad that was substituting for the Yo-Zuri. I went down the whole bank before I caught one and then another. Visions of wearing them out came but soon went when no others showed up. The trip down the bank continued catching one here and there. I had the feeling that they were close but I just couldn’t get up in the middle of them. A 5-9 bit but no others so I back tracked and in the process saw one hit in a place close by but I had not fished. They started biting, not every cast, but rapidly enough to make me happy. The Redeye had some new hooks on it, and they were doing a good job, but some managed to escape. I was having to work the bait so fast some of the fish didn’t make a good hit in their haste. I then tried a vibrating jig and a 1 minus, catching a few fish on both. When that spot cooled, I went down the bank farther to see if I could make contact, but nothing doing so I turned back around heading to the hotspot. A hydroblaster evidently practicing for a tournament tomorrow pulled in just in front of me about 100 yards with his big motor running almost into the good spot. Needless to say I was a little perturbed . Finally he left, catching nothing, and continued out into the lake. I caught a couple more but the bite was pretty much over. Still mad, a plan was concocted to crank up and head for another spot and passing his boat about 20 yards off. Talked myself out of it, for if I had done it I would have reduced myself to his level. I quit at 11:00 because of dog duty and it was over anyway. The total was 18 bass with the aforementioned 5-9 FOD and another non weighed over 3. I really hate it when they are practicing for a tournament. They are really spying. You will see them idling down the lake supposedly looking at their depth finder but shame in you if you catch one in a good spot. I guarantee it will be noted. When one of those spies comes by I just cast out into the middle of the lake where I know I will not catch one.

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