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The first cast this morning was at 8:00 due to a late night (for me) last night. The lake was at 17.6 feet and falling. Where I caught the fish on the last trip was dry ground. The starting place was the same as the last few times but nothing was there until a straggler bit the DT-6. There was not another, as I had hoped, so I moved down the bank where I had another good fish on but as it made that dive under the boat it came unpinned. Then still moving a 4-0 came to the boat and ended up being the FOD. Ran out of real estate at that spot and moved across the way coming down a tapering bank with a DT-6 and catching a small one now and then. Then a bigger one showed up, and then another but I could make a few casts without getting a bite. The DT-10 was called on to see if the fish were a little deeper. They were and in good size too. One deserved weighing, and when the fish was on the scaled it registered 1.53. That was not right I thought, what’s going on? I finally figured out it was in kilograms and I couldn’t figure out how to change the units of weight. Kilograms just was going to have to do, 2.2 kilograms to a pound, 3 pounds = 1.36 kilograms. The fish were biting and that was no time to be wasting any time. The size on these fish was good too, a good many in the 3 pound range. Finally that spot wore out and it was search mode again but I was never able to locate the fish again. I did locate an old gill net. I knew it was around there somewhere and was hoping that somehow it had gone away during the high water. The DT-10 found it and I saved it with the lure retriever, twice. Since no fish were found, I returned to the starting place where the fish were scattered. Scattered was better than nothing so I went back and forth down that stretch of bank and even found a small school in one spot and was able to catch 4 or 5 out of that one place. The gar became bad for some reason in that spot. I thought I had a nice bass but it was a nice sized longnose gar. The line was wrapped completely around the fish and the hook was embedded it its head. I was scared for my DT-6 but I finally got my pliers on the bait, and the fish went crazy and since the hooks were through the gar hide one of the hooks broke and also pulled the split ring completely off of the bait. Got most of it back anyway. My cutoff time was looming so I went back to the net spot and thought I knew where it was but I hooked it again and again rescued the bait but this time I took a gatoraide bottle and stuck some of the net strands in the bottle and screwed on the top making a float as a marker. I finished there with 31 Bass, a 4-0 FOD and 6 fish between 3 and 4. I did some arithmetic when I got home and figured that the best 5 weighed 18-5.

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