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Sunday, October 04th, 2020 | Author:

Saturday at noon Mickey and I cast off from the waterfront. The ride up the lake was kind of chilly. We caught nothing going down our starting bank where a good many fish have been caught in the last month even there is deep water there. We were looking for the school that resides around those parts, so we went to where I caught them on the last trip. Four fish came from that bank but only three close enough together to perhaps be called a school. One was a good fish that was up beside the boat while I was fiddling around with my grabber. It made one last jump after calmly waiting for a few seconds and threw the hook. Probably would have been the FOD. We were using DT-6’s and 10’s and a 5XD. After going to the first bank again, we were dodging other fishermen, and only caught one. At one point , I looked over into the shallow water of the chute and something triggered the silver carp. An acre or so of them started jumping and kept it up for probably 30 seconds. We thought it may have been a bird flying over but they kept it up with out birds around. We crossed the lake to another old spot that I have been checking on with no luck. They were there today and we caught 4 along with Mickey catching one of those big orange carp. The fish had the DT-6 in its mouth and we had to use the net to get it in the boat. I think I caught one in that same place last week, hooked in the mouth. Everything likes a DT-6. It was obvious nothing much was going on so we started back toward the ramp. We stopped at an old sunken barge where we caught 3 or 4, one acted like a silver carp that was foul hooked but when it got close to the boat it was a nice 4-2 with one of those finesse hooks stuck just above the tail. FOD. We just tried one more place and caught a few small ones and a net, the second one that day. We were both hung in it and when I cut my bait out there was a 5XD hung a little deeper down that I uncharacteristically left right there. On some of the favorite banks we had several hard hang ups, two of which became fatal to a 5XD and a DT-10, even though we tried to save them with the “gitter”. The “gitter” has a pretty good save record but was only about 66% Saturday. I had two split rings to fail on DT-6’s, one was when a gar went crazy next to the boat. The gars have been tough on my DT-6’s lately. We ended up with 17 bass, one 4-2, a 3-10 and another over 4 unweighed.

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