Lake Ferguson 14.5 Feet

Wednesday, October 07th, 2020 | Author:

With the lake so low I was not very optimistic about the fishing especially since I would be starting just after noon. The day had warmed up considerably so I figured the fish would be off the bank and in the deep. I started where Mickey and I caught a few the last trip but on the whole bank not even a bite. When I reached the end by the dreaded net, I continued but it is not really a bank but a shallow flat that drops off into deeper water. There was some activity, shad flinching and the like, but no real striking on top. The wind was low and the water varied from slick to a slight chop. I even considered a Whopper Plopper . Having started with a DT-10, I changed to a DT-6 to throw into water that started at 2 to 3 feet deep and came out to 6 to 8 feet where the boat was sitting. It started with a small bass and then a stripe that had another small bass with a bright red wound trying to take the DT-6 away. After disposing of the stripe, I threw back to that spot and caught the wounded bass. It was not a place where you could just sit in one spot and “every cast” them. The fish were moving around so you had to search when they left in order to find them again. The DT-6 was coming up with too much junk on it so I swapped to a Red Eye Shad. I could cast it farther and it came up with less junk in the shallow water. It has new hooks on it but on a long cast it didn’t always keep the fish on. I had to laugh when one bass about 2 1/2 pounds jumped a good ways out and threw the hook and when it did the Red Eye skipped like a flat rock 3 or 4 times. Today there was a minor period from 12:40 to 1:40 p.m. and a major period from 5:18 to 7:18 p.m.. I’ve always said that you need to be a couple of hours early on the periods. Today the fish started around 2:30 and it was over by 4:30, obvious like someone cut off the switch. When the switch was off, I left the shallows to try the deep before coming home. The fish there were caught with a DT-10 casting parallel to the drop off which started about 10 feet deep. The fish I caught there just “glommed” up on it and most were caught on the rear hook, a sure sign that the bite was over. It was 6:00. I ended up with 51 bass and a FOD of 3 1/4 and two others 3+. Outstanding day especially considering I was so pessimistic about it at the start.

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