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Monday, October 19th, 2020 | Author:

This morning was the first time fishing for me in 10 days. Lake Ferguson is at just about the same level as the last time I was there. Of course I went to the place where the fish were caught last time, but not many were there . The ones that were did not bite like they really wanted it. Caught on the back hook and jumping and throwing the hook were the symptoms. There were two boats fishing near the spot. One came by and allowed that they had been catching them pretty well but each day they became less and less. That’s what happens when you keep them all. These people didn’t look like catch and release guys and judging by their girth, they were not going hungry. I passed them by and went down the 70 bank with a DT-10 and caught a 4-1 FOD. Another just over 3 came from the same spot. I got a little happy but could not get any more to bite there. Keeping down the bank, I picked up another 3 but no more. Something just stopped the DT-10, and I was thinking big, but it was just a hybrid striper. Hardest hit all day.

Kept going with the DT-10 and ran into another 3 pounder, again just glomming up on it. It was 11:45 so I headed for the waterfront. I caught only 9 but good size. As I came into the waterfront a guy carrying a piece of paper was walking by and spoke . On the paper was some of his pen and ink artwork that I assumed he had done this morning. He said he wanted to bless me with it and I said I’ll bless you and he said he wanted a monetary blessing. He wrote my name on it. It was good so I pulled out a $10 and also had a couple of ones. He said “give me those too, I want to get some chicken”. I said “I can’t give you my ones, then I’d be broke”. He laughed and was happy. Here’s the pen and ink.


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