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Today was cold with a North wind, not my favorite fishing weather. Since it was cold I waited until later to go. Then I had to clean all the leaves out of the boat and add some rope to the winch because there are no trees in the right place to move the winch closer to the boat and the water is falling. Fishing started at 11:45. Within the first hour I had 10 fish, mostly on a DT-10. The North wind set the fish up in two spots but they were not as thick as I had anticipated because not many/any people have fished there in the last few weeks. The fish were deeper hence the 10 rather than 6. In the next place the 6 did better because it was shallower. Then I tried yet another place where thought the wind might have the fish bunched up. The first cast there brought a 4 pounder and the next a 4 3/4.

Next a 3 3/4 and a 3 even. I thought I was going to really wear them out but after a couple more they vanished. I circled the hole but if I shook the worm they would pick if up but put it right down. Still nothing in one of my favorite places. Not one fish this year. Can not figure that out. On one cast with the DT-10, something grabbed it and powered away from the boat pulling drag reminiscent of the fish down at Ben’s. The drag was set just right so the line wouldn’t break but would tire the fish out. Finally the fish came up to where it was visible and was the largest silver carp I have ever snagged. Thank goodness it was hooked where its tail would not hit the line and break it. It finally came to the top close enough for me to take the boat hook pole and snatch the DT-10 out and save it. Each place gave up one more fish but no more. It was obvious that it was over so I quit. Caught 23 with the 4 3/4 FOD.

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