Lake Ferguson 22 Feet

Friday, November 13th, 2020 | Author:

This morning Harley IV and I went up Ferguson to see if the bass were back to the spots where they resided before the rise. A few of them were but not too many. We caught a few at the 70 spot on a DT-6 but they were timid. The size was good however with about half of the first ones in the 3 pound range. We left there and found a sandy point where the wind was blowing across it. We caught a few there relatively quickly and one that ended up as the FOD, a 4 – 5. We caught one other 4 -3 on a DT-10 but the Northeast wind had them slowed down. Here is one of the first three pounders.

We ended up with 14 fish, 3 of which were over 3 in addition to the 4’s.

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