Great Trip To Enid

Tuesday, November 17th, 2020 | Author:

Hal has been having great trips to Enid, catching one over 6 pounds each trip. He asked me to come and enjoy the fun. I met him at the Wallace Creek ramp Monday and we were fishing just a little before 8:00 . There was dense fog on the lake so we trolled to a nearby shallow gravel point. Hal was using a shallow square bill crankbait so I put on one of the same, pictured below.

We were fishing toward the bank but when we fished across the point this 5-11 showed up. Ended up being the FOD.

I was laughing so hard because I was holding it out toward the camera to make it look big. We caught another fish there while waiting for the fog to clear but then we decided to idle across the cove we were in to check out another spot that had a visible stump in shallow water. As we were approaching the place with the stump, the depth went from 12 feet straight up to 7 and back down to 12. We started fishing right there with a DT-10 and caught a 4+ pretty quickly. After exploration, we found the sharp ridge was not where the fish really were. There was a rocky hump where the fish were feeding and once that was figured out, we concentrated on that spot and caught several more over or close to 4. The rocks caused us to hang up a few times but the lure retriever managed to save the hang ups all day long, 100% effective. After we explored the hump we went to the gravel bank, once again with the square bills, where we fished very close to the bank because there was a little better dropoff . There were fish there too, both on the square bill and the DT-10, and again, with good size. After we could get no more bites, we travelled to Hal’s favorite spot, the two sisters, which are two large snags that have just showed up in the falling water. There was a difference in the bottom there too, like gravel instead of mud, that could be seen on the depth finder. The sisters produced too and in good size. There is value in multiple casts. When we first arrived it looked as if there were no fish there but after multiple casts to the spot they started to bite. When it stopped there, we then left again on patrol for some more stumps and fished a few with success and again good size. After that we went to a few unproductive spots, then returned to the sisters for a tight eye on a worm. There used to be some sunken tree tops along the dam that could be seen with the water at this level. We attempted to find them with the sonar and were unsuccessful except for a spot where we caught some fish but never hit one of the tops. After bragging about the new hooks on my DT-6, of course a nice fish , never seen, pulled off. Mr. Brag always loses his tail. From the dam we went to a deep rocky bank where the fish are either there or not. They were not today. It was getting over in the afternoon so we headed for the rocky hump . The fish were there again and again with size, and again a large one put the scold on my new hooks by coming to the top and shaking to escape. When that was over we tried the shallow point again as it was beginning to get dark. Only one small one there and another unseen pulloff. We had a heck of a day with 32 fish with 8 fish over 4 and one more 5-11. No 6’s today but close. I must have put the Hoo Doo on that, but WOW what a day. Our best 5 weighed 23-14 and the next best 5 weighed 19 3/4. We figured out that a Strike King KVD 2.5 is a favorite bait on Enid as we found 2 yesterday that people had lost. We divided them up and I am going to shine mine up and put on some new hooks to get it ready to go again.

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